Canelo Saga is an imprint of Canelo Publishing, which focuses on publishing a variety of book series in different genres. The imprint is dedicated to publishing engaging series that take readers on epic journeys through various worlds and time periods. Canelo Saga books are known for their rich and immersive storytelling, captivating characters, and intricate plotlines.

Some popular book series published under the Canelo Saga imprint include:

“The Chronicles of the White Tower” by David F. Farris
“The Blood and Tears Trilogy” by J.D. Oswald
“The Genehunter” series by Simon Kewin
“The Dead Trilogy” by Kerry Newcomb
“The Cassandra Fortune” series by Justin Richards
“The Warramunga” series by Greg Kater
The Canelo Saga imprint is committed to providing readers with high-quality series that offer unforgettable reading experiences. Its books are available in digital format, including ebooks and audiobooks. The imprint continues to expand its catalogue with new and exciting series for readers to enjoy.

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